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Animations & Walkthroughs

Here at Archimedia Studios, we have been producing animated walkthroughs and flyarounds for architects and developers for many years. Over the years, software and hardware have improved immensely and 3D animations are more affordable than ever.
Not only do we produce animated flyarounds and walkthroughs of architectural projects, we can do animations for product design also. We can even take your Sketchup model and produce high quality animations form it.

The Process:

The first part of the 3D modelling process we use, is to create a 3D model using solid modelling techniques in AutoCAD or a similar 3D cad program. This model is them imported into 3DS Max where we apply materials, lighting and camera animation paths.
From there we output a preview animation for approval of the camera path for the animation. The next step is to process every frame in 720p and 25 frames per second of animation. The result of this process is a large number of still images which are compiled and edited in Adobe Premiere editing software.
We can then output the animation in HD in various formats including MOV, MP4 and YouTube.

Check out our portfolio page for more of our video samples.


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