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Corporate & Realtime Presentations

Over the past 15 years in business we have produced animated presentations for corporate clients to demonstrate a new product or proposal. These presentations are usually pre-rendered animations, and can include animated people, voiceovers, titles and background music etc. We have produced two ‘virtual’ building launches which were ‘virtually’ opened by government ministers.
We have also produced animations and realtime presentations for court hearings, including the hearing regarding the tragic fire in the Stardust nightclub in 1981, which we produced a realtime walkthrough of the building.

Realtime presentations are software packages which allow the user to control the position of the camera and walk around the 3d model. One such presentation we did was of a complete internal 3d model of the Stardust tragedy, which was used in the court hearing on behalf of the families of the victims.

Realtime presentations can be produced with the ClickVR software package, Google Sketchup software, or video game engines such as the Unreal Engine, and have proved very popular in recent times to enable a client to view a proposed house or extension to an existing house. This is a cost effective way of showing the client a design by allowing him or her to walk around or inside a proposed development.

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