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Search Engine Optimisation

Archimedia Studios have entered a strategic partnership with Online Visibility Solutions (OVS) to offer our clients the best service available to improve web traffic to your new website. We have been working with OVS since 2010 and have seen first hand the results of their website optimisation and Google Adword Campaigns.

It is very important not to underestimate how much business your website can bring you and how it can be a cost effect means of marketing.

To achieve a successful web presence that works for your business, you need to answer the following questions:

• Can your website be found?

 • Is your website optimised for:
  1. people who you want to find your website and
  2. for search engines?
 • What is more important, optimising a website for your visitor or for search engines?

If you get things right, search engines are likely to rank you well and website optimisation will help you increase your presence online.


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